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, and if you've always wanted to see what Shia's workin' with down below, then you are in luck, Perezcious readers! Check out the NSFW video (above) — full of nekkidness, Shia busting out some interpretive dance moves and sucking on a magical, mystical lollipop! “It was the strangest audition I’ve ever had,” Michael said of Rebel’s tryout for a part in his film, “Pain & Gain.” “She went to my office and said, ‘Hello, Mr. ’ She says, ‘I have some nunchucks, because I know you like action, and you know how to use them. For a director who’s known for loud, high-testosterone movies, Michael seemed to be a low-key presence and spoke quietly.Asked for his take on the public bickering between Shia La Beouf, the star of his previous three “Transformers” movies, and Alec Baldwin (the two were supposed to star in a Broadway play, “Orphans,” but Shia quit), the lanky LA native answered, “I don’t know the full story, but I can see how it went down.There’s a reason why we have a new cast—it’s in the script.Originally, the studio said, ‘Let’s just do it with another kid.’ I said, ‘No, because everyone’s going to compare that kid to Shia, who’s like magic lightning in a bottle. Young dad “So, what I’m doing on this one is that Mark Wahlberg plays a young dad with a 17-year-old daughter. It’s a back doorway for how to get kids into this.” Bay refused to declare that this next “Transformers” will be the last one.Jego współpracownik, komentując po wydarzeniu zastosowane środki bezpieczeństwa wskazał napis „Do not murder the artist”.

In recent months La Beouf's behaviour has become increasingly erractic, from starting a fight outside an LA strip club, to slapping fellow theatre-goers during a performance of Cabaret.Pri the Honeydark, the MC and music producer, who is part of a rap collective called the Anomalies, then accused La Beouf of plagiarism, saying: “You can’t rip songs from my Anomalies crew, recite them in freestyle as your own, then not expect to be called out by ACTUAL MCs! LOS ANGELES—We can imagine Rebel Wilson sitting, with a box on her lap, and looking at director Michael Bay with that sly smile, insinuating tone and knowing look in her eyes. ’” The man whose films have grossed over three billion dollars worldwide had a faint smile as he told this anecdote in a meeting room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami, Florida.I see them enjoying, laughing and applauding—so, that’s enough for me.” Michael’s cast often cite how fast he shoots. “There was this woman from Switzerland who didn’t have a visa—she was going to train Bar.“We did like 90 shots on the first day and in 12 hours,” Michael said of shooting “Pain & Gain.” “I’ve been doing this for 20-something years. The actors like it, because they don’t go to their trailers much.” “I’m also a hard ass,” he added with a smile. He was in his trailer—I just shot the scene without him. He goes, ‘Hey, guys.’ I said, ‘You’re out of the scene now.’ He was never late again (laughs). Paramount called me, and I said, ‘We’ve got to pay her cash. I split the cost with my dad.” Subscribe to INQUIRER PLUS to get access to The Philippine Daily Inquirer & other 70 titles, share up to 5 gadgets, listen to the news, download as early as 4am & share articles on social media.

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